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Benefits of Membership

Primary Benefits

There are four main benefits of Iroquois membership.

You should consider joining Iroquois:

1) For assistance with Market Optimization. Iroquois helps its Member Agencies analyze their current markets to determine the optimum market representation so they can write and retain more business. Market Optimization usually involves identifying and developing new and better carrier relationships while sometimes eliminating less beneficial ones.
   a. New carrier appointments through Iroquois usually involve low volume commitments.
   b. If a book transfer to a new and more productive carrier is warranted, Iroquois can help manage the entire process through its Market Alignment Program (MAP). Through MAP, Iroquois helps minimize the disruption and expense of a book transfer and helps maximize the benefits of the change for all concerned.

2) For strategies to maximize agency revenue, profit and value.
   a. Iroquois has earned enhanced commission and profit sharing agreements with many of its Carrier-Partners so Iroquois Members can earn more revenue than they would under a direct carrier appointment.
   b. Member Agents can earn profit sharing from most carriers with as low as $50,000 in written premium.
   c. Iroquois can provide Perpetuation guidance and strategies to maximize your agency value.

3) For negotiating leverage that your largest agency competitors have – without giving up your independence.
   a. Iroquois doesn’t take an ownership position in your agency or tell you how to run it. You decide which benefits and services that Iroquois offers are best for your agency. Use them as much or as little as you choose. It’s your decision.
   b. Iroquois doesn’t charge an initiation fee.
   c. You can terminate your Iroquois contract with 90 days' notice.

4) Flexibility.
   a. Iroquois has 40 years of experience of creatively developing WIN-WIN-WIN strategies for its Member Agents, Carrier-Partners and itself. Our programs and services are designed to find beneficial strategies for agencies of all shapes and sizes.