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Hartford shows how to stretch your clients’ insurance dollars

Looking to get your clients the most bang for their Workers’ Comp buck? While the prices among Workers’ Comp policies may be similar, coverage offerings may be very different.Get the details about The Hartford’s extensive coverage options by clicking on the link below.

Dovetail small commercial fact sheet, application

Are you looking for a user-friendly platform to quote multiple small commercial products?  If so, Dovetail is your solution.

Hartford's Cloud Service Interruption coverage

Did You Know that 78% of small businesses (<50 employees) will fully adapt to the cloud by 2020?
The Hartford’s Cloud Service Interruption Coverage can help protect your customers from risks by replacing lost business income if a business needs to suspend operations due to unannounced and unplanned interruption in their cloud service, regardless of the reason for interruption. The Hartford’s Cloud Service Interruption coverage gives you a competitive advantage to help meet – and exceed –  customer expectations, so quote Hartford first.

Do you 'throw away' too many referrals?

By Gil Simonds, CPCU

How about this story?  Has this ever happened to you?
A producer I was working with was ecstatic one hot summer day because he had just obtained 10 referrals from a client.  I was excited too and the producer was going to begin working those new referrals right away.

Iroquois 201

(2:27) - This video will give you more details about the Iroquois Group. It will also explain how an independent insurance agent can grow due to our marketing expertise and profit sharing.